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E-magazine during COVID-19 pandemic: unique initiative by Krishnagar Public School

Sting Newz Service: Krishnagar Public School, a CBSE affiliated senior secondary school in Nadia district of West Bengal recently published the inaugural edition of their quarterly e-magazine. KPStellar (April-June 2020) as the E-magazine is named actually started with the intention to help students, teachers and parents cope with the present pandemic stress by giving them a wonderful platform to express themselves through words and art.

Principal, Dr. Sankar Prasad Dutta remarked” The idea behind this initiative came up with our constant desire to ensure holistic development and continued effort to ensure healthy emotional spaces for all our students, teachers and parents.”

This is the first school to come up with such a unique initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic. Another notable features of this school e-magazine is its attempt to involve the parents to write and contribute content which is unheard of.

The e-magazine showcased a special appreciation message from CBSE Regional Officer, Bhubaneswar Mr. T. Mate who complimented this initiative as “an endeavour to promote creative and critical thinking, develop aesthetic sense and appreciation of rich cultural heritage among the students.” At a time when several schools struggling to function and even provide basic support to the students through virtual classes this unique initiative is really worth appreciation.

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