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BJP is distributing money to buy votes, alleged Mamata in Krishnagar


Not Only News Service, Krishnagar: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed a party rally in same ground at Krishnagar in Nadia today, where BJP leader Amit Shah addressed a rally on Monday. Mamata Banerjee addressed the rally in support of Krishnagar party nominee Mahua Moitra.

From the very beginning in the rally, Mamata attacked on BJP and also to Modi.

Mamata said, “There is a great jealousy of Modi on Bengal. We sent the proposal of name change of our state from West Bengal to Bangla. But BJP government is not doing any process. 7th phase votes is done in Bengal planfully so that the BJP leaders can do campaign according to their times. BJP will be cow-defeated across country. BJP has no trace in flood, Rash Mela, ISKCON Jatra, daught, any work and now election comes, they are in field to beg vote with their hand Goda and sword. They are biking like miscreants. It is their culture. “


She added,”BJP is driving out 22 Lakhs Bengali Hindu from Assam in the name of NRC. Narendra Modi is not able to construct a Ram Mandir, but we developed many like Tarakeshwar, Bakkreswar, furfura sarif and so on. And Narendra Modi claimed that he is working for the Hindu religion. They are sometimes outing with Goda and sometimes with sword and said they are actual Hindu and others not. They are out to malgin Hindu religion. Hindu religion is a big religion. It is a religion of Ramkrishna, lord Chaitanya Dev and Swami Vivekananda. This religion is not of BJP’s property. And BJP is coming to learn me Hindu religion. But me too is the daughter from Hinducommunity.

Mamata alleged that BJP is spreading money to buy votes and to come in meeting. She also criticized Modi government on the issue of demonetization, deaths of farmers, unemployment etc.

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