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TMC worker’s wife shot dead in Nadia’s Chapra

Samir Rudra, Not Only News Service, Nadia: A TMC worker’s wife was shot dead by a few miscreants at Hatisala village under Chapra police station area in Nadia at around 2.30 p.m on Thursday, a police sources said.
The victim who had been identified as Marjina Bibi (26) was declared brought dead in Chapra hospital. 
While family and local sources described the killing as an indirect fall out fractional feud of TMC, SP Nadia, Rupesh Kumar delineated it as a result of an unrest following irrigation water in Agricultural field that took place on Wednesday. 
” An unrest had taken place regarding irrigation water in Agricultural field on Wednesday and prima facia, that resulted in today’s murder. But there is no written complaint received by police so far. So there is no arrest. The confirmation about the motive behind the murder will come out after completion of investigation,” SP, Nadia said.
Tahajul Seikh of Chapra Hatisala in Nadia was sleeping in bed in his home. It was around 2.30 pm.on Wednesday. A few miscreants, about 4 to 5 in number entered his home and asked for Tahajul. Her wife obstructed them to go inside home. So the miscreants fired her. A bullet stuck on her chest and she fell down on their yard.
Realising the gravity of situation, Tahajul ran away through back door. Not finding him out in home they gang who came on walking left the home.
The locals then rushed and took Marjina to Chapra hospital. She was declared brought dead there.
Her body was sent for autopsy.
This area had been reeling under unrest since the date of board formation of Hatisala 1 Gram Panchayat in August.
Allegedly two fractional groups of TMC which the locals described as Old and New TMC, were daggers drawn since August. Allegedly a few clashes took place between the two groups.
In a clash between two groups on previous night of date of board formation of Hatisala GP 1, a few persons were injured and a few were arrested. At that time some accused went absconding. Since then the police picket was going on at the area.
Allegedly that absconding group came back to village and attacked the home of Tahajul.
According to local sources, two groups of TMC are active here. While one group is known as new group of one Kaosar Seikh the old group is controlled by one Mannan Seikh. These groups allegedly are rival to each other.
Tahajul Seikh belongs to the group of Kausar Seikh. And the attackers allegedly were from rest group.
There was ‘ Gram Samsad’ on Thursday here. So most villagers were gathered there and sources said that the attackers’ group took the scope to attack on this day.
However, TMC Block President of Chapra Jeber Ali Seikh refuted the allegation of fractional feud of TMC.” It was a result of crop land dispute not fractional feud,” he said.
The family sources alleged that the miscreants took away with cash of rupees 1.5 lakh and some golden ornaments after firing Marjina.
The sources also demanded that they belongs to the group of new TMC and the old group was reluctant to allow them to be active as TMC workers and that was why they had tried to murder Tahajul Seikh.
However, Chapra MLA Rukbanur Rahaman said,” Tahajul joined our party recently. He was our worker. The miscreants had tried to kill him but eventually they killed his wife. But there was no political reason behind the murder. An unrest following irrigation on cultivating land had taken place on Wednesday. The murder took place from the heel of that unrest.”

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