Governor of Sikkim praises organic farming and promises to take initiatives for the growth of tourism

Anupam Singha Roy: In a programme on December 4th at Rongli, East Sikkim , Melatar Community Hall, Honorable shri Ganga Prasad jee, Governor of Sikkim praises the organic farming of the state and also promises to take initiative for the growth of tourism in Sikkim.

He suggested to all the officials to visit to the village area and discuss with the locals to give emphasize on this organic farming more. So that in future Sikkim can import more organic foods to other states. And it will become a pioneer in this field. Beside this he also promises to discuss with the concerned officials for the growth of tourism in Sikkim. After his oath as the governor, he himself started to visit different parts of the state to know the actual scenario of the locals.

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