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Two drowned in Nadia while crossing Magra Bill, a waterbody

Not Only News Service: A poor lady and her nephew drowned when they were crossing Mogra (bill) waterbody at Haringhata in Nadia on a donga ( a small boat) on Saturday morning, a police sources said. The recovered bodies were sent for autopsy.

Dipali Morol ( 42) and her nephew Dwip Morol (13) of Haringhata Paar- Majdia village went to Bizra for bringing some domestic goods. Local sources said they went to bring ration. However, they were crossing Mogra bill on a small and thin boat made from tamarind tree to return home. There were only the duo on the ‘tal – donga’ ( boat).

A local sources said that there was strong wind on the waterbody. This is about 200 meter width and 20 feet deep. While the boat was at mid way, it overturned allegedly due to wind blow. Sources said they were unable to swim. So they drowned.

The locals observed it from the shore, about 100 meter away from spot of incident. They tried to rescue but failed. During search, they found to float the bodies on water surface about one and half an hour later of the mishap. The drowning had taken place at around 10 am.

Haringhata Police reached the spot and recovered the body. These were sent for autopsy.

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