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TMC will not get even 100 seats: Mukul Roy

Not Only News Service: “TMC will not get even 100 seats this time,” said BJP’s Mukul Roy at Nadia’s Shimurali under Kalyani sub division on Tuesday afternoon. He was addressing BJP workers at an open program of ‘Joogdaan Mela’. But none jained BJP here on Tuesday. That was why Roy expressed his anger to his local party workers from stage. After rebuking his part workers at Shimurali, Roy started his speech. He said, ” With responsibility, I am saying that TMC will not even cross 100 seats in forthcoming elections.Tell TMC to say how many seat they are going to get.” But he pointed out to his party workers that the last man that has kept himself away from BJP for any misunderstanding, must be brought back to BJP. ” It is not the time of ego. There is big and strong fight before and we have to win as Amit Sha wanted 200 seats in Bengal to turn it Sonar Bangla and to push TMC at bottom like CPIM .” During last election Roy had said that BJP would get 20 to 22 seats in Bengal. Reminding that he said,” At that time we got 18 while lost two seats for a very low margin. I do not understand the political equation less and I am saying that TMC won’t cross 100.” According to him, BJP is now on position of testing. However, criticizing Mamata Banerjee, he stated that earlier Mamata used to not seat with reach persons but now she just does that. He uttered the name of Goenka occassionally. This day too Roy criticized the unit rate of ectricity.” Highest in India, the unit rate upto Kalyani is rupees 12,” he said. Mukul Roy stated to ask Mamata Banerjee to publish a list of persons of one lakh those were given the Government jobs. He said,” No one was given Government job and side by side this government is failed in ‘ Krishi – Shilpa and Shiksha”.He criticized the issue of fund given for Amphan. ” In two phases, Modi handed over rupees 3400 crore to Bengal Government for amphan effected people. But the poor people remained in the same plight”, Roy iterated. Roy was invited in the meeting as some persons were scheduled to join BJP. But none joined. It made Roy angry and he expressed that, ab ove, of his speech. Tarak Sarkar, the local leader explained the reason of not joining. He said,” Last night the local TMC leaders threatened the persons and they got frightened. That was why they didn’t join BJP. But in coming days they will join.” He stated that Amit Sha was coming to Bengal to address two rallies on 19 & 20th.

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