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4 Nadia police stations finally got Inspectors to run as IC Police Station

Not Only News Service: Finally four police stations in Nadia recently got the Inspectors to really act as IC Police Stations. These are Krishnaganj, Nakashipara, Chapra and Karimpur.

About two years back, the four police stations under Krishananagar Police District in Nadia were converted from OC PS to IC PS through concerned notification. But no inspector was posted at the said 4 Police Stations and Sub Inspectors were running the police stations. But on Thursday, while the Inspectors were posted at some other Police Stations in State, these 4 Nadia PS too got the Inspectors simultaneously.

Superintendent of Police, Krishananagar Police District in Nadia, Biswajit Ghosh said,” The concerned notification had been done earlier and now the Inspectors were posted.”

However, according to police sources all the four police stations are important for different reasons.

Chapra has a border area shared with Bangladesh. The smuggling takes place here and it is a headache for police and administration. Like Chapra, Krishnaganj is also a border area. The Gede international check post is situated in this block. In addition, allegedly the smuggling is a problem here too. So, it is also important like Chapra. Nakashipara is known as a crime prone zone. Karimpur is important for its geographical reason. It is adjoining to Bangladesh and Murshidabad. Taking the geographical advantage, the criminals take shalter in hideouts here.

According to locals, the four police stations were needed to work in full swing since long ago. However, now they have expressed their satisfactions.

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